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Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Wholesale essential oils are not all created equal and although many companies claim they sell pure oils, most don't. True essential oils are very expensive to produce, and many companies in the industry take shortcuts to save on costs. At Dirt Goddess Gardens, we offer 100% pure high-grade aromatherapy essential oils at affordable prices. We are one of the largest importers and domestic purchasers of many of these oils and offer them at some of the best prices available. Other companies cut their essential oils with much cheaper carrier oils in order to sell them at a huge profit. However, if you really want to yield the aromatherapeutic benefits that aromatherapy oils have to offer, it is important to only buy premium quality product. If you are purchasing oils that have been diluted without your knowledge, you won’t be able to use them as effectively as possible, and you won’t see the same benefits.

All of our aromatherapy and bath & body products are made using 100% organic, therapeutic grade essential oils.

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