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Bogatyr Garlic Culinary *sold out*
Bogatyr Garlic Culinary *sold out*

Our Price: $8.00

Culinary Size 1/2 Lb $8.00
Culinary Size 1 Lb $14.00 [Add $6.00]
Culinary Size 5 Lbs $66.50 (Bulk rate- 5% discount) [Add $58.50]
Culinary Size 10 Lbs $130.00 (Bulk rate-7% discount) [Add $122.00]

Great bulbs of fire! Bogatyr is one of the most fabulous garlics in the world, in my view. These are huge garlics with a flavor that is even bigger.

They have five to seven cloves that will blow your socks off. These great fireballs store much better, firmer and longer than the standard group and grow much better for us as well.

Their bulb wrappers are thick, luxuriant and parchment-like and the outer ones are very, very white. As you peel away the outer wrappers more and more purple striping shows up and they become almost solid purple by the time you get down to the cloves. The clove covers are dark brown with purple streaks and long sharp pointed tips.

$8 is the base price for 1/2 lb of culinary garlic. The template adds on for extra... Where it says [add $96] or [add $45], it's adding onto the base price. Quantity discounts are included.