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'Early Italian Purple' Garlic produces big, solid heads with whitish purple skin wrapped around 7–9 cloves. It's a softneck variety, the best type to use for braiding. French Grey Shallots Garlic Powder
Italian Purple Softneck
Our Price: $10.00
French Grey Shallots
Our Price: $8.00
Garlic Powder
Our Price: $8.00
  • Culinary Garlic
  • Softneck
  • Mild Flavor
  • Best type to use for braiding

  • French, Indian, Thai & Central Asian cooking
  • Distinctive, rich, earthy smell, and mild, delicious flavor

  • You will never want to go back to store bought!
  • Made in small batches from garlic grown on our farm.
California Late White Softneck Garlic California Early White Softneck Garlic
  • Silverskin Softneck Planting
    • This is the most common garlic on the market, and like the Early White, is another great garlic for beginners.
    • Stronger flavor than Early White, and quite heat tolerant.
    • One of the best keepers, storing for as long as 8 months!
    • An excellent braider.

  • Planting
  • Early White is a great garlic for the beginning grower.
  • Hot but not explosive