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Midwest Wildflower Seed Mix
This premium mixture features 26 native prairie wildflowers: 13 annuals for first year color, 13 perennials for second and successive years bloom.

The region's fertile soil makes it possible for farmers and gardener's alike to produce abundant harvests or wonderful areas of wildflowers. While these states are for the most part relatively flat, consisting either of plains or of rolling and small hills, there is a measure of geographical variation. This section contains our famous Midwest mix as well as other mixes suitable for all your growing needs in this region.

For: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin

1 oz covers 62-125 sq ft
1/4 lb covers 250-500 sq ft.
1/2 lb covers 500-1,000 sq ft.
1 lb covers 1,000-2,000 sq ft.
5 lbs covers 5,000-10,000 sq ft.
10 lbs covers 10,000-25,000 sq ft.
25 lbs covers 1/2-1 acre.
50 lbs covers 1.5-2 acres.

What's in the Mix: (Contains 26 Wildflowers)
Botanical Name Common Name Life Cycle Approx. Height & Color
Aster tanacetifolius Prairie Aster Annual 2-3 ft. Purple
Centaurea cyanus Blue Cornflower Annual 2 ft. Blue
Cheiranthus allionii Siberian Wallflower Biennial 2 ft. Orange
Chrysanthemum maximum Shasta Daisy Perennial 3 ft. White
Coreopsis lanceolata Lance-leaf Coreopsis Perennial 3 ft. Yellow
Coreopsis tinctoria Plains Coreopsis Annual 2-3 ft. Yellow/Red
Cosmos sulphureus Sulphur Cosmos Annual 3 ft. Orange
Cosmos bipinatus Wild Cosmos Annual 3-6 ft. Pink/White/Mauve
Dianthus barbatus Sweet William Biennial 2 ft. Multi Pinks
Echinacea purpurea Purple Coneflower Perennial 3 ft. Purple
Eschscholzia californica Orange Poppy Tender Perennial 2-3 ft. Orange
Gaillardia pulchella Indian Blanket Annual 2-3 ft. Yellow/Red
Gaillardia aristata Blanket Flower Perennial 3 ft. Yellow/Red
Gypsophila elegans Baby’s Breath Annual 2 ft. White
Helianthus annuus Wild Sunflower Annual 3 ft. Yellow
Iberis umbellata Candytuft Biennial 1-2 ft. Pink
Linum grandiflorum rubrum Scarlet Flax Annual 1-2 ft. Red
Linum perenne lewisii Blue Flax Perennial 2 ft. Blue
Lupinus perennis Perennial Lupine Perennial 3-4 ft. Purple
Nemophila menziesii Baby Blue Eyes Annual up to 1 ft. Blue
Oenothera lamarckiana Evening Primrose Annual 3-4 ft. Yellow
Papaver rhoeas Multi Poppy Annual 2-3 ft. Red
Ratibida columnaris Mexican Hat Perennial 2-3 ft. Red/Yellow
Ratibida columnaris Yellow Prairie Coneflower Perennial 3-4 ft. Yellow
Rudbeckia gloriosa Gloriosa Daisy Perennial 2-3 ft. Red/Yellow
Rudbeckia hirta Black-eyed Susan Biennial 2-3 ft. Yellow