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First figure out how many heads or pounds of garlic you would like to harvest.

Each pound of hardneck garlic seed provides approx 40-50 cloves of garlic to plant. (Each clove grows into its own plant or head of garlic.) This will yield 40-50 heads of garlic or approx 4 pounds.

Each pound of softneck garlic seed averages 50-70 cloves of garlic to plant, as the cloves of softneck tend to be smaller than hardneck. (Each of these cloves grows into their own plant or head of garlic.) This will yield 50-70 heads of garlic or approx 5 pounds.

You can also base your decision on the amount of space you have to plant your garlic. One pound of seed will plant about a 20’ row of garlic, or fill a 6’ bed with three rows of garlic. Feel free to contact us with questions about how much seed garlic to plant.


If you want to harvest*:

  • 10 pounds of garlic, plant 2-3 pounds of garlic
  • 25 pounds of garlic, plant 5-7 pounds of garlic
  • 50 pounds of garlic, plant 10-12 pounds of garlic
  • 100 pounds of garlic, plant 20-25 pounds of seed garlic
  • 200 pounds of garlic, plant 40-50 pounds of seed garlic
  • 500 pounds of garlic, plant 100-125 pounds of garlic

Hardneck garlic multiples by 400-600%. Softneck garlic multiples by 600-1000%. This means:

  • If you plant 10 pounds of hardneck garlic you should harvest between 40-60 pounds of garlic.*
  • If you plant 10 pounds of softneck garlic you should harvest between 60-100 pounds of garlic.*

* Your yield will depend on growing conditions, garlic variety, how much you weed, clove size, the greenness of your thumb, and weather. In particular, poor draining soil will stunt garlic size. It is possible to harvest less than you plant if the variety is unsuitable, weeds run rampant, or growing conditions are poor.