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Russian Purple Garlic
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  • Grows well in most states even in Warm Winter Areas.
  • Harvests early-mid summer - stores into spring.
  • Porcelain garlic
  • Hot & Strong Flavor

  • 10-12 golden brown cloves.
  • Harvests early-mid summer - stores into spring.
  • Rocambole garlic
  • Strong full-bodied flavor

  • Tastes similar to both garlic and leek but not exactly like either one.
  • Can store up to a year.

  • Rocamboles grow better in cold winter gardens.
  • Harvests early-mid summer - stores into mid-winter.
  • Flavor is very strong, hot and spicy and sticks around for a long time.

  • A true medium hardneck garlic that is sweet when roasted.
  • Harvests early-mid summer - stores through mid-winter.

  • Lush, green plant with rich flavor and crispy texture - stores well.
  • Harvests in early summer - stores into winter.
  • Clear, crisp texture and a mellow taste that reminds of shallots

  • This sampler consists of approximately 1/4 lb of 4 varieties of large planting garlic that we have in stock for a total of 1 lb.

    • Mid Season harvest
    • Sweet & smooth flavor
    • Purple Stripe variety

    • Usually harvests in late June/early July and stores into mid-winter at room temp.
    • Grows great in the northernmost locales.
    • Rocambole garlic with a rich, musky, garlicky flavor and is very hot when eaten raw.
    • Softneck Garlic
    • A rich and musky but mild and mellow garlic
    • Harvests early in summer - stores into mid-winter.
    • Grows very well in warm winter areas. Best for zones 3-7

    • Smaller Table Garlic
    • Harvests mid-late season - stores 7-9 months.
    • Very strong and robust flavor that sticks around for a long time.