About Dirt Goddess Super Seeds

When Kristen was a kid, she’d pull the carrots from the ground before they were ripe, wash them in the baby wading pool and munch away. It was the beginning of her love for gardening.

Fast forward and she found herself at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington with its organic farm on campus, and Ecological Agriculture program. It was there where she realized that her passion for growing things would also become her career. With the abundance of herbs and fungi in the Pacific North West, her learning grew beyond the scope of just how to plant (and eat from) a garden.

When deciding on her master’s thesis, she collected all of her information and designed a project to test the difference in growth rates between corn which had been inoculated with Mycorrhizal fungi and corn which had not. Right off the bat, the root structure of the inoculated corn was much better developed. A frost hit and wiped out the non-inoculated corn. Amazingly, the corn that had been inoculated with Mycorrhizae was still standing! She knew she was on to something important.

Kristen knew she had to share this amazing fungus with the world! She began fortifying vegetable,  herb and flower seeds and sending them all over the country to re-inoculate soils everywhere!

Dirt Goddess Super Seeds was born!